time to tidy up online

April 6, 2010 Leave a comment

I decided back around Christmas break that the way I was ‘doing’ my online presence was a bit broken; broken in the sense that I was trying to utilize all of these different outlets (wordpress, facebook, twitter, tumblr, vimeo, flickr, picasa, posterous, etc) not so much because I had uses for them, but because I wanted to use them. Tools without a purpose, pretty much. It was really just a waste, for there is no real need to reiterate the thinks I think to every outlet – it gets redundant and has a scattered focus. So I’m trying to change that…at least for now.

This blog is going to become more of my ministry-based thoughts & happenings. If you want the whole overview experience of Karl, head to flavors.me/karlfisher, which is becoming my new landing page. From there you can pick up:
_this blog – ministry
_tumblr – my personal blog
_vimeo – for my video happenings
_and my personal favorite, my daugher’s 365 project. I’ve been taking a picture of here every day from day 1. It’s pretty stellar

So update as you need or want to. I’m just really feeling the need for both more margin & more specificity in life, especially online. We’ll see if it works.

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March 1, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ll be honest – the best part of the Simply conference are the relationships. The training is great, it’s a time of refreshment, our team grows with one another…but it’s also a time of ‘homecoming’ with a handful of ministry colleagues & friends from around the country that I very rarely get to see otherwise. I’m so grateful for these men that pour into me and take the time to know & encourage me.

We also got a free pizza tonight from a tanked restaraunt owner. It was actually really quality. Win.

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February 27, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m a little surprised we made it to Chicago from PA alive through the snow, but we did. It’s not that I didn’t totally trust pie van driver, but…no, that was it. Notable experieneces from Day 1 of the Simply Youth Ministry Conference –

:: Chicago deep dish pizza. Oh my dang
:: our hotel is a slice of Euro modern sweetness, even if it does lack a bathroom door
:: Duffy Robbins has a set of pipes
:: first worship band leading us is from a church I worked with in college on a mission trip to TN. Plus, the singer is like a white r&b James Taylor
:: catching up with the likes of Guy Wasko and Jimmy & Eileen Donaruma alone are worth the price of admission
:: parking garage parkour is highly underrated

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There is still hope

February 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Tonight @ FUSE* was an epic win for youth ministries everywhere – our custodian played dodgeball with us!

For. The. Win.

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even old Pat Robertson

January 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Michael Gungor Band. well done, sirs. well done. let’s face it – i’m a sucker for non-hillbilly banjo and cutout style animation. [via Scott Hodge]

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a good night

January 28, 2010 Leave a comment

tonight was a time to just be with students. i have a book in my office called The Be With Factor, or something along those lines. i haven’t read it, but i get it. youth ministry is something that i love. i also really enjoy many of the ways that we do ministry in our city. tonight, though, was a night where the plan got thrown out the window in order to have an even better ministry time with students. in light of a very hard series of events that is impacting a large number of our students, tonight we tossed the game, mixer, music videos, lesson, questions – and prayed as a group for two brothers and their family & friends, and spent time together just being with students.

it’s pretty easy for us to get rid of crappy things to make way for good things. sometimes, though, we also need to say no to good things to make way for great things. no matter what we may have planned for something, i am certain that we will always miss out on something greater when we fail to follow the Holy Spirit and instead merely continue to relax in our own.

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and it starts new

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment

it’s amazing how your paradigm for – well – just about everything, changes when you become a parent. i’ve had some friends ask me what it’s like. i’ve been a dad for a daughter outside the womb for 5 days now, so this is obviously expert. i think of how i changed being similar to three other times in my life – when i was baptized in Peru, when i proposed to Bethany, and when we made our covenant to God & each other at our wedding. each of those times there was this almost instantaneous change that i perceived in my head & my heart; things were just suddnely different. that happened again on Thursday at 5:24pm.

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