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my wife and i spent quite a but of time last week talking about vision for this youth ministry that we lead…where is it supposed to go, and how do we do that. vision has to come from God, and not myself. i’ve written before, everyone can have good -even great- ideas, but if it’s not from God, it’s not the right thing to do. to hear God, we must have intimacy with him, and if i’m not praying, not in scripture, not seeking, i’m not going to find intimacy. just like i can lose intimacy with my wife if i distance myself from her, the same happens spiritually.

there are beginnings of visaion for this ministry, a place to start, but there’s so much more. to be successful in leading a team, the vision has to be shared. i’m working on it, but i know i’ve got work to do in cultivating and leading other leaders. another point is to have a shared vision with my church…and not just saying that it’s a shared vision, but people have to believe it and be behind it. division in vision of a church won’t be fruitful.

in a smiliar vein, our sunday morning services are in a long series on spiritual gifts, looking at what they really are, and identifying which gifts we all have. i hope that people remain engaged in this series because i have high hopes of seeing a new generation of lay leadership arise in our church. i’m excited at the possibility that this holds for our church.

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