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my wife is cooking up some lunch while we listen to some jimmy eat world, futures. i love these guys. i saw them a handful of years ago at a festival before i really appreciated their music…all i knew was ‘the middle’, and while it’s catchy, it’s nowhere near their best. listening to this, i wish that there was more worship music written like this stylistically and less like ccm stylistically. ‘church music’ has been playing imitation and catch up to contemporary (what the general public listens to) for too long. we need more good music in worship. enough of singing the same line for 10 minutes…repetition certainly has its place in prayer & worship practices, but it doesn’t need to be at the expense of a lack of creativity. i like chris tomlin, crowder, redman and the like, but really so many churches are just moving from the traditional to a contemporary power point hymnal of the same songs. it would sure be nice to worship in church with more than just what i pick up at the local christian bookstore or (gasp) hear on the local christian radio station…yet another reason i don’t listen to the radio.

let’s stop being so narrow from the stage. creativity takes more than a projector, a fancy background, and a few candles.

for some further thoughts on this subject, tony morgan has a great article/discussion going on this in a post called ‘does worship music need to be fixed?’, found here.

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