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prepping for tonight

working like crazy getting prepared for AYF tonight. wednesday’s our big night, with both sr. and jr. high meeting at the same time. both groups are starting new series tonight

sr. high :: we’re going through a character study of Jesus, adapted from Beginning in Jesus by Doug Fields & Brett Eastman. tonight starts with Jesus:teacher. i’m really pumped for the study & series, but i’ve been really behind in getting things together over the past week, with my seminary class coming to a close on Sunday night. excuses, whatev. this is meant to be small group curriculum, which I’m not using it for; however, our sr. high group right now is only about 20 or so, so it should work out fine. i’m really trying to find some hands on ways to use this study to also hit an underlying focus of passionate faith. the level of passion among the kids for their faith right now is kind of lacking, so i’ve been brainstorming a lot of different ideas of how to attack that in the midst of what we’re doing.

jr. high :: starting a study called Built to Last by Kurt Johnston. It’s a little basic for the spiritual depth of our kids right now, so our leaders Duane & Maile will be supplementing around the outlines. not saying it to sound cocky, but a lot of our jr. high kids right now come from families good at leading their family spiritually; so, we’re just taking the provided material a little deeper and hitting some additional application points.

i also need to get some cakes or something for tonight. i told them we’d do a little birthday celebration bash-esque thing, since we’ve had a lot of birthday’s recently. woot. i’ll post a wrap up on tonight likely tomorrow sometime.

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