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wed night wrap up (sr. high)

attendance: average
topic: Jesus:teacher
fun factor: below average
volunteer involvement: average
music: above average
lesson quality: below average
student response: below average

set list
everlasting God : brenton brown
chasing cars : snow patrol
Jesus paid it all : i forget…

it was a rough night for me last night. i felt like i’ve been two days behind all week long. the worship team did a nice job pulling chasing cars together in our rehearsal. they’ve been growing a lot over the months as a group. our group was really reserved last night, no one wanted to speak up much at all. we spent time talking about first impressions and then seen needs in the areas of city/home/school. we put up a large paper sheet on the wall to write them down; my hope is to really look at how to meet these needs and do just that. when a need is met, cross it off. we only got four up last night, but they were good. i left the night feeling pretty discouraged from the seeming lack of involvement and apathy from the group, it really bummed me out. i’m praying and hoping, though, that what we started last night will build in momentum over the next weeks we’re in this series.

jr. high, on the other hand, were off the wall! they were in a lesson focusing on the rock of Jesus, and actually did some rock decorating…there were some sweet ones. as a group, they seemed to leave having really enjoyed the night, which is great.

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