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one of the things that’s been on my heart/mind/stomach the past few months has been the notion of “going deeper”. one of the phrases i’d hear a lot from the oldest students when i began as youth pastor at my church was “i want to go deeper”. when they left, most would say they wanted something deeper. now, deep down in me, i always had a feeling it was usually a commitment issue, an apathy issue, and ownership issue, and really more of a choice than a hard need. even though i felt this, i never really knew how to communicate it, or even feel good about doing so.

the past few weeks i’ve starting to get blasted with some good insight about this whole mess. is it my shortcomings, their shortcomings, misunderstanding, what? what about my role as their pastor, their leader?

at this point, i no longer see it as an issue of Karl as a pastor keeping them “shallow”. if anything lies in my shortcoming (and the church in general, imo), it’s not enabling and teaching the church body to feed themselves. Perry Noble is quoted by Tony Morgan at a church planting conference, “Some people will ask, “When are we going to go deeper.” You can go deeper right now. Open your Bible. There’s some deep stuff in there. Read it.” There are some other great lines from that session, check them on Tony’s blog.

i read an article on Relevant Magazine a bit ago in the same vein. It’s titled On Using Your Own Fork.

As a leader and a teacher, there is a responsibility to teach truth, to dive into scripture, and to not just talk about theology and walk away confused, but know how to apply it! a better job needs to be done with shifting the sermon message…what’s going to reach more, a lecture (like we sat through in college) and is good for knowledge, trivial pursuit, and not much else; or enabling the church body to be able to feed themselves. if we cannot feed ourselves, are we not in a way building a faith base on a particular church, or even a particular pastor? that’s not the point. we’re missing the depth if we don’ know how to feed ourselves.

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