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i watched the prestige last night with bethany. since watching the illusionist a few weeks ago, i’ve been in the mood for some magician movies. my dad has a big harry houdini fan, and that rubbed off on me as a kid, although i was awful at magic tricks. if you’re getting bent out of shape because i said i like magic tricks – chill out. i’m talking illusion here. you know, make a quarter come out from behind my ear…not sacrificing cats and turning people into newts. anyway. chill. it’s ok.

the prestige was good. it was a little slower in the story than the illusionist, but they both had great endings. i thought the ending of the prestige was a little rushed…it could really open up some interesting discussion questions on morality, science, decisions, and the like. i’d be very tempted to use this movie as a point of discussion for an event in the future.

the prestige: B+
the illusionist: B

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  1. March 5, 2007 at 12:58 am

    I saw the prestige tonight . . . I liked it, and I agree that they could have expanded on the ending a bit. although, I think the intention was that the whole movie was a metaphor for a magic trick, so the ending was itself a “prestige” . . . which you never want to show too much of . . . it’s better to leave the details to the imagination of the audience . . .

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