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cleaning it out

today i’m doing some more cleaning out of the CD collection. bethany began this about a week or so ago, just thinning out the CDs on the rack that we can’t remember the last time they were listened to. it’s a bittersweet time…there are always those CDs that even though i don’t listen to them, there’s an odd sentimental feeling surrounding them. at the same time, our primary music collection has become so digital (like that rest of the country), that if it’s not being played on the computer, it’s being played through the stereo on the iPod. we used to keep the CDs around for the car, but now we’re looking at a new stereo to hook the iPod into. so really, Cds are now rendered unnecessary, unless for backup. and even that can be done easily and digitally. so, today we’ll have a few new coasters, and a lot more space on the CD rack.

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