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it seems like i’ve been around a lot of discussion centered around prayer in the past few weeks; more than usual. earlier in the week at staff meeting, our school principle shared about his experience seeking God with a request and at the same time being convicted of praying incredibly specifically. his thoughts have been with me a lot the past few days. on wed. night, the sr. high group got into a big discussion on prayer and hearing from God as well. one of the thoughts that came to me was why do can i so easily slip into praying in generalities, ie. bless this person, bless my job, heal her, etc. i’m not saying praying for blessing and healing are wrong – don’t go there. but am i praying in generalities out of apathy toward that person/situation? am i praying in generalities because then i’m not as invested in the outcome, so i don’t question if it’s not answered how i want it to be? am i guarding myself against that? maybe.

this came to a head this morning in the opening sentence of my utmost for his highest for today, march 30.
the reason many of us leave off praying and become hard towards God is because we only have a sentimental interest in prayer.”

shoot. preach it Os.

if i’m passionate and invested in coffee, i take the time to be specific in what beans i buy, how i brew it, etc. if i’m passionate and invested in an xbox game, i don’t play it with only part of my attention – i’m dialed in. if i’m passioante and invested about praying and seeking God, maybe i should act the same way.

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  1. bethieboo
    March 30, 2007 at 8:56 am

    preach on brother….preach on

    ps- defined your question about ‘pervert’…note: i defined it while being in a highly emotional state 🙂

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