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wed night wrap up

attendance: average (31 students, 4 leaders)
topic: Passover celebration
fun factor: average (no games, but food, so…)
music: n/a
lesson quality: above average
student response: above average

it’s been on my heart for over a year now to lead our students in an actual Passover celebration/meal. i remember praying last year shortly before Easter about how to point students to Jesus. what came out of that seeking was a renewed passion in me to know the foundations of our faith, as well as breaking out of a rut of shallow religiosity from plain ignorance of why we do what we do.

so this Passover celebration has been working on me since 2006, and last night it happened. a large number of hours of preparation went into getting it all together, which was huge since two of our key volunteers were unable to come due to illness. the evening was really a mix of a traditional Jewish sedar, but with a heavy Messianic pointing, since as followers of Jesus we have the bonus of knowing the Messiah. it was complete with food, scripture, and even hand & foot washings. it was awesome. i count last night as a success in youth ministry to God, since it was his vision that we followed. having students say that it was one of the best things they’ve ever done will always send you home with a smile.

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  1. bethieboo
    April 5, 2007 at 10:47 am

    I’ve always wanted to do a passover meal with our youth as well. Hmmmm…maybe next year? 🙂

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