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journey through jonah

some thoughts on reading through Jonah this morning:

– Jonah made no response to God’s first call; he made up his mind on his own to do his own thing.
– he didn’t just say no; he fled the opposite direction…trying to rub his point in?
– the mariners first cry in distress was a spiritual one; kind of like people still today in times of distress (think post 9/11)
– Jonah remained exceedingly calm during the storm
– Jonah sought death as payment – thinking sacrifice was more important to God than obedience
– the mariners called out to “the LORD” – they recognized God’s doings
– 2:8 – “those who pay regard to vain idols forsake their hope of steadfast love.” what are my vein idols that do this?
– for such a wicked city, Nineveh repented as a whole pretty quickly. some people are receptive to a wake-up call.
– the people listened to the king…good leadership
– Jonah’s anger in ch. 4 sounds a lot like our religious anger today
– 4:2 – the classic ‘God is love’ excuse, often heard by the ‘spiritual’ (but not religious) folk
– a plant vs. a city – are our priorities in check?

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  1. kingspray
    April 12, 2007 at 12:12 pm

    I really like your fifth observation on sacrifice vs. obedience. I definitely have this mentality at times, especially when I am first convicted about a sin that’s been with me for a while. It’s hard to change who we are, and it’s easier to just say, “Get rid of everything,” than to deal with the issue daily, working slowly and steadfastly towards the will of God.

    This is probably linked to your seventh observation about our doubt in the steadfast love of God. Perhaps doubt is the wrong word, but we seem to cave in to immediate relief rather than trust that God is caring and sovereign.

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