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a leader’s influence

I’m now two weeks in to my next Master’s class with Crown College. While I’m not the biggest fan of academia, it’s a good thing right now…in addition to the fact that I have to (says my denomination). Regardless, this current class is called the Outreach Oriented Leader. In skimming over a book chapter we had to read last week (I honestly forget the title), the author spoke of a tribal chief who was given the gospel message by a missionary and then proceeded to share it with his entire village, who heard and believed.

This story reminded me so much of Jonah’s proclamation to the king of Nineveh. An entire city was saved because a leader chose to listen & respond to God, and model it to those around him. What a reminder that what we do as leaders resonates throughout those we lead! On the flip side, what could I miss if I chose not to listen to God, not respond to His calling, or not model it to others? We see God move and see God’s blessing when we act in obedience. If you are a leader, you have a responsibility to make intimacy with God a priority. Then man up and lead your people! Being truthful, I’m not always there yet…but if spiritual leaders are not serious and intentional about this, then you’re missing the mark.  The great thing is, we are boldly and strongly equipped to carry out this work if we are faithful to our calling.

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  1. bethieboo
    April 23, 2007 at 12:22 pm

    Unfortunately I allow the business of ministry to get in my way of intimacy with God. I also think that is was much easier to be intimate with God when I was single, it just came naturally. I longed for it. Now I find myself having to ‘remember’ to be intimate with God. -Craziness!

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