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men’s retreat

This past weekend our church had our annual men’s retreat. The speaker, Ray Ciervo, is a guy that I first heard about five years ago on my first retreat with my campus fellowship, Alliance Christian Fellowship. Ray is a a pastor from Jersey and a great apologist. The focus of the weekend was building relationships and a man’s responsibility for that within the church. Here are some highlights from my notes:

– the church is in a battle for Truth
– the devil continues to ask “has God really said…?”
– great citizens of the King make great church members, not the other way around
– there isn’t a book in the Bible without conflict
– we need to always ask ourselves three questions:

  1. what’s God doing?
  2. how does he want me to respond?
  3. how do I integrate that into the whole church?

– there are no spectators in the kingdom of God – only participants
– the church cannot grow spiritually without relationships
– men build relationships around a cause
– what one generation will accept, the next will embrace
– we need to honor the things God honors
– you don’t need to be able to recognize the counterfeits, just the original

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