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wed night wrap up

attendance: 25 students, 0 new students, 3 leaders)
topic: Life Together : Connecting Your Heart to Others’
fun factor: average
game: lightning ball
music: n/a
lesson quality: average
student response: average

Last night was the second week of our Life Together series. Our focus passage was Hebrews 10:23-25, and how God created life to be done together. In fact, the first time in scripture that God said something was not good was when he saw that Adam was alone! When the author of Hebrews tells us to spur one another on, we realize that growing and getting on the right track can often come with pain and discomfort – you never saw a horse thank its rider for kicking it with spurs, but it was to get the horse going in the right direction.

Next week one of our missionaries will be speaking at AYF. Roberta Clogg is a missionary apprentice to the Balkans, and is a good friend of mine and an AYF alum. Don’t miss next week!

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