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Thoughts for a rare Wednesday evening post –

America’s Got Talent:
The talent show theme is overdone, but I like the buzzers. Last season’s weak link – Brandi. Ugh. Just…Ugh. The only -only- thing keeping this season afloat is Sharon Osbourne. So I still watch it.

Hot coffee – not so much. Iced coffee – awesome.

Sam’s Club:
Even though I feel somewhat dirty walking through such a display of extravagance and excess, I got some great cantaloupe from there today. Great.

Should come standard with a lift kit. Especially if it’s “trail rated”. Seriously now.

Self Check-out Line:
What the freaking flip?! I’m sorry, I can be in the best mood ever, until I go to check out at a self check-out kiosk. Apparently, stores no longer need to man more than 2 of their 20 lanes open because of the atrocities. Furthermore, there should be rules – hard & fast rules. Such as:

  • no produce if you don’t know how to key it in
  • don’t bring 80 coupons
  • if you have more than a basket full – don’t check out yourself! it ruins the system!

I’m getting irritated right now just thinking about this again. These check-outs are for people to get out quickly. Unless you were a star check outer at a store less than 5 years ago, you’re not God’s gift to grocery stores. Get over yourself. I saw a woman about 2 months ago take two full shopping carts through the self check-out and ring up $120. $120! Seriously, she should have been arrested. I’m not kidding.It feels good to get that out in the open.

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  1. kingspray
    June 14, 2007 at 10:48 am

    I never thought Sam’s club was in extravagant. We had a family of 5, so we needed the giant cube of toilet paper and double or triple boxes of cereal. I guess the 25 lb. tub of mayonnaise is extravagant…(we never got that).

  2. June 14, 2007 at 11:27 am

    The extravagance that I see is in relation to much of the rest of the world. Really, I think this is just an extension and product of our culture. We’ve become a social group that doesn’t necessarily look at what’s needed for the day ahead – rather we prep ourselves way ahead of time. My family went to, and I still go occasionally, especially when I’m buying for parties or something. It’s just hard for me to sometimes walk through a place with so much overabundance.

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