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to the edge

I decided some weeks ago that I wanted to get down and read the Bible through – it’s a good thing to do. To start the day off this morning, some of my reading was about God’s calling of Abraham to sacrifice his son, Issac (Genesis 22). One of the huge points of this story is the foreshadowing of Jesus’ sacrifice for all of us. But something about a straight down reading of this seems somewhat sterile. Abraham is obedient to God through to the point of raising the knife – that’s obedience to the extreme. Now I don’t want to sound too much like Oprah, but there’s not much about the personal struggle of coming to terms with what God called Abraham to do.

I’ve had to make some hard decisions, but I don’t think I would put any of them on the level of being asked to sacrifice my child. I listened to a sermon yesterday by Steven Furtick from his series When Truth and Life Collide. There are those times when it seems that what we know about God and what we’re experiencing in life don’t seem to jive all that well. This is the feeling that I get from the account of Abraham. The dude was 100 years old, promised a son by God, given that son, and then asked to sacrifice him. It seems pretty “!?”. If we aren’t having a question with God like that right now, we probably will sometime soon if we’re following Him. My thought is that sometimes the questions we ask miss the point, either from our limited view or our emotions. One of the points I’ve picked up from some great leadership books is to start with the end in mind. I believe that this is how God works in the purpose He has for us, and something that our limitations keep us from. What is the biblical truth that is being directed to us in these situations?

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