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I began thinking last week about the discipline of blogging. A lot of people might not think of it as a discipline, but here’s my reasoning. Blogging is essentially glorified journaling, which is a practice I’ve never been good at. I’ve tried keeping ongoing journals before, but usually to no avail – they usually crap out after a month or so. While I still journal during events/times I know I want to remember (such as mission trips), that’s about the extent of what I’ve done up to the launch of this blog.

There a a number of different types of blogs, which is good to know if you need to have a clear focus or direction of what you’re doing. This is vital for me to keep this up; I have to know where I’m going. A great blogging resource for getting clued in about this is the North x East blog. Where I’ve found myself fitting in is really in giving insight and thoughtful posts about ministry. Because of this, when I post I want it to be purposeful and pertinent. Problem is, this can lead to only posting when I feel like I have something profound to say, and that can easily lead to just getting lazy and dropping this, which I don’t want to do.

This is why I think of this as a discipline. During my normal work week, I’m now trying to post something at least once a day, be it short or long, to get myself into the practice of it. It’s not always going to be easy, but I know it will stretch me, too; this is why I’m labeling it a discipline. Ministry and pastoring is a creative field…if you’re not creative, I think there are some issues there that need to be addressed, honestly. The thing about creativity is that while much of it can seem to come naturally or on the fly, it often takes practice. As a musician, you have to practice! I wish I had a log of how many hours in my life so far I have practiced music. Artists practice. Writers practice. If you’re in a creative field and don’t practice, you’re probably not that good, contrary to your parents’ opinion. Sorry, it has to be said.

That’s why blogging is a discipline for me. It’s a practice in creativity in ministry, thought, and writing. I told my wife recently that one of my life goals is to write a book. This is kind of crazy to me, because I always hated creative writing and english classes as a whole. Hated them. But there’s something about writing a book that gets me excited. Maybe it’s the time and effort I know will have to go into it. Maybe it’s pouring over the ideas, finding the best way at the time to express those ideas. Maybe it’s having a finished product at the end that I can look at and see as a successful goal met. Doing this discipline of writing a little often is a discipline I hope will lead to this goal.

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