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gifts and passions

Last week I began teaching on spiritual gifts with my youth at the church. It’s been a while since we’ve hit the topic with force, and a number of them are at a point to be incredibly receptive to it, which is awesome. It’s brought back some questions about gifts/talents/passions in my own life though, too.

Something I’ve been wrestling with over the past few months has been my heart toward outreach & evangelism. When it come to the gift of evangelism, there are some people who just have it – they could share the gospel with my dog and she would come to Christ. It’s not one of my gifts, however – and that is ok! While we’re all called as the church to share the gospel, certain people have been gifted in that area. We’ve all been given different gifts for the purpose of glorifying God and building up others. What’s been a little confusing has been that I’ve been growing an enormous heart and passion for this. So now what? It almost seems odd that I could be gifted and passionate in different areas. Could God “gift” me in that area in the future? – sure, he’s God. Could it be a softening of my heart toward this to work with other people gifted in it? – why not.

There’s a part of me that wishes that my gifts and passions always matched up – but they don’t. I could get all bent out of shape about this, but I’m trying not to. Maybe this is a reminder that we are called to serve and can still serve outside of our gifting for the good of all. Maybe it’s opening me up to a new spiritual place with God. Whatever the reason, I’m settling on one thing – that I can either fight what God is doing in me and miss out on what’s in store, or stop complaining and follow the lead.

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  1. bethieboo
    July 17, 2007 at 1:15 pm

    I find that I fight it until I’m pretty much beaten down to the point where I can’t handle it anymore. Then, I sureender and experience HIm in a while new way. It’s easier to just ask Hm for discernment as to what’s happeneing on my heart and what His desires are and then look to what He has in store. Then again, I seem to struggle with doing things the easy way

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