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All Things New

For those that haven’t heard, I’m in a state of transition. The past few months I’ve been seeking and wrestling with God over what His plans are for me. What’s been made clear to me is Him calling me to a new ministry position. It just got to the point where I knew that if I said no to this, I would be having a Jonah issue, and obedience is a huge thing I’ve been working on. Me and inside a fish don’t fancy well together.

So, Bethany and I are returning to Williamsport, PA – my home, and to a church I’ve had some history with growing up. The official title is Director of Young Adult and Middle School Ministries, which is awesome! It seems kind of disjunct, but they are two areas I absolutely love and have a passion for. I’m really pumped about basically getting a college/young adult program off the ground. It’s also cool that I’ll get to work with some of my best friends, too (Spence, Beth, Seth, Sarah, Matt, Anna, Adam, Nate, soon Jon…and those are just a few!).

Today is an early morning because Bethany and I are off to Williamsport to spend the day looking at houses. Crazy. So there’s a lot of newness going on. Pray for us as we look for our first home.

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