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finally, the weekend

what a crazy week. it’s been tough moving from a job with one main focus (youth) to a job with three main focuses (middle school, college/young adult, and sports & rec.). but what a great week. i know that is going to continue to do great thigns through this church. my co-partner is convinced, and i agree, that this city is ready for revolution for the gospel, and it’s not far off.

it’s great being back ministering in my hometown, seeing old friends and hanging out in old hangouts. i do miss a lot from state college, though. i miss our kids…even miss some of the parents. i miss my ministry friends, especially stac and aaron. however, i don’t doubt that i’ve been lead here for a purpose.

it’s been tough setting the time aside to blog this week, being crazy busy at the office and having no internet connect at home. but i’ll be back in the swing of things soon, especially if we find a house soon.

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