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quoting: Scott Hodge

By way of Tim Stevens:

“We hang onto the old because old is cheap. Doesn’t cost us anything.
The new costs. It costs friendships. It costs money. Change is
~Scott Hodge

Dang, I want to meet this guy. As much as many of us say that change is important and even vital, there is often still that underlying fear of what happens when the status quo is challenged. I say that I’m ok with being uncomfortable in the wake of change, but then you actually deal with the people. I steadfastly believe that what keeps some strong when others fold is being grounded in your foundation of God’s calling and direction on you. If you haven’t gotten that, then get it. That’s the first step. If we’ve gotten it, then we have to act in confidence. Disobedience isn’t just wrong action, it’s also inaction.

For me, one of the most powerful books of the Bible is Acts. Go and act.

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