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Waiting on God

I’ve been making my way through the Old Testament because frankly, it’s been a while. I’ve really wanted to read through, not just to know the history, but try to better understand how the story of redemption is told and sets up the saving of us all through Jesus. Once I crossed the threshold of Genesis into Exodus, something really struck me – as much as stories run right into one another, there’s a lot of waiting on God. Sure, there’s a few chapters folks, but then remember that those few accounts we have of them might run the course of hundreds of years in just a few pages. It really sunk in once I got to Joseph and into the enslavement of his people to the Egyptians. God heard and blessed Joseph, but after years of hardship. God heard the cries of the slaves in Egypt, but after multiple kings of Egypt. At times, we have to wait on God – not just a week or two, but maybe sometimes years. This is by no means a reason to be lazy; we can’t be lazy and honor Jeremiah 29:13. But so many times I run to God with something I have to have right now. I run to Him and expect an answer in my convenience and time line of necessity. Maybe I should start asking myself what God might be doing with me in the waiting.

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