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More on Wed. night

So Wed. night with our middle school was awesome. We had 44 kids out which was crazy. Its hard to imagine that when we started 6 weeks go we had 20 kids. There’s definitely something going on there, and heaven knows it’s not me. I love being a part of something so much bigger than me. God’s making a move in our town. Something I saw was that a lot of kids I didn’t expect to step up to my challenge did. That definitely rattled me and made me think about just how many are hearing what’s being said and following.

I was listening to a sermon by Andy Stanley on Wed. for some study prep., and something he said really struck me. The past weeks we’ve had the kids in Mark 2 and really hitting that Jesus has an invitation for all of us to follow him, we just have to do it. Stanley’s remarked that when Jesus extended his invitation to others (like in Matthew 4), he didn’t ask them to believe first and then follow. The command was simply to follow; for many people, belief happened as a result of following, it wasn’t a prerequisite for following. I’m glad I was reminded of that. Often in the church I think we can fall into a mindset that following comes from belief. Perhaps we need to better invite people to follow and show them why we believe.

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