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design vs innovation

Innovation is becoming a buzz word in current Christian culture. There’s even a church conference called Innovate (I’m not ripping it – I’d actually love to go). Design has always been a part of church culture as well. Don’t believe me? Study how European cathedrals were built and what the design represents. Everything from Jewish temples to modern churches study and implement important design aspects. My church even has a “worship design” team. But there is a distinct difference between the two of them.I read a quote once from a blog about the differences between design and innovation. In regards to web design, it said that just adding rounded buttons and new colors might be good design, but it isn’t innovation. How you package something is important, but don’t confuse it with what’s in the box.

Something well designed often seems like the right thing to do – a great next step.
I think that a great design for a church offering I’ve seen is to have it after the message. It gives people the opportunity to respond to the message, rather then a preemptive giving. I’ve seen this work well many times, especially when teaching on finances. It makes good sense.

Something innovative often seems ridiculous, crazy, and impossible.
You want to see an innovative way to look at a church offering? Check out the Bless Back Project from Elevation Church. Or my friend Mike, who at FUSE Sunday night gave out $150 to students ($3 to each), challenged them to each add in $2 of their own, and bless someone with it.

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