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Arrr…Black Friday

There’s something about Black Friday that always makes me think “pirate”. I think it goes back to me as a young kid being absolutely in awe of pirate stories. My dad used to read to me every night when I was a kid, and the first book that I actually remember him reading me was Treasure Island. I remember the terror that struck when someone received the dreaded black spot. I had that same feeling when I woke up at 4:40am this morning to go to Best Buy and get a washer & dryer. Usually if I see 4:40am it’s because I haven’t gone to sleep yet.

Today I’m thankful for Mouk (sounds like, well, mook). Even though I think he’s worked there maybe three days, he hooked us up with what we needed, didn’t try to sell us something we didn’t want, and took us to the customer service counter completely skipping the line that wrapped around the inside of the store multiple times, and had us on our way. Sweet. High five, Mouk.

The rest of the shopping I’m doing online. Take that lines.

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