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It’s the little things

I was sitting in a cafe that I really enjoyed once, when so many things just hit me at once. I usually am pleased with my time at the cafe; it’s not great, but it’s acceptable. Places to sit, coffee available at a decent price, free wi-fi, downtown. All good things. But that day, lots of little irritations started to arise.

– I realized that there are only three tables out of around 40 that were close to an electrical outlet. For a location that hopes to be a Third Place, that’s pretty sparse.
– Since I was doing some work while waiting for someone to come for a meeting, I went for a regular brewed coffee. Why? There was a sign for $.50 refills. Sweet. Except when I got my first refill, $.50 was pre-tax. I came with a pocket full of quarters ready for an even transaction. Now I’ve got $.22 in my pocket, destined to get lost.
– Half of the carafes of coffee were empty, and a peak time in the morning. That’s no good.

Little things that I don’t normally notice, but made a difference in my perception of the entire experience. I wonder what little things on Sunday mornings at services, Wednesday nights at FUSE gatherings, and special events I may be missing? What are the little details we have control over that can greatly influence our experiences?

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