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The perfect gift

I’m finally finalizing Bethany’s Christmas present. It’s one of my favorite times of the year – I love giving just the perfect gift to someone, especially someone you love (awww is right). What gets me is that sometimes everything about the gift falls into place: you know just what it is, can find it without much hassle, and things just click. Then other times you struggle for weeks trying to come up with what’s just right. When you finally settle on it, you wonder if you can actually pull it off because nothing seems to go your way in making it happen. But then. Oh yeah. It works. Funny thing is, I like both of those situations and the fulfillment that comes with it, but there’s something about the latter that really makes you feel like you came through in the clutch. Here’s to you, clutch sweet Christmas gifts for others giver person.

That is all.

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