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Valentine’s Day. I’m not that huge into it. Luckily, neither is my wife. Last night we were really close to heading to a fairly expensive but amazing restaurant for dinner and then LOST (Thur. nights stay clear regardless of the holiday). Well, it was all booked up, no sign on how long a walk-in wait would be, so we went with option 2 – a very cheap but amazing restaurant and then LOST. The winner? Steak & Shake. Oh yeah. Yet another reason I love my wife.

It got me thinking a bit about personal goals, though. Yesterday morning I started working on (a little late) my personal goals for 2008. One of them is getting back down to 200 lbs; I haven’t been there in a while. I then went to dinner 6 hours later and had two double steakburgers, two orders of fries, and a dark chocolate milkshake. Something tells me legitimate change is in order on top of just making a declaration.

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