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nymc :: fri. evening

wow. a great day. i’ve gotten to connect already with so many, from old friends Guy Wasko & Jason Ostrander to new friends, like Vince Beresford, Jana Grant, Jeff Berger and a slew of other youth workers, especially from around central PA. The more intimate discussions have really been a highlight of this conference so far; the small group feel is really different from most things like this, and I love it.

initial conference thoughts

– great atmosphere
– live music in the atrium – sweet touch, very tasteful and fitting
– 5 foot micro suede bean bags. oh yeah
– i love meeting folks like me, with more and less experience, like me and unlike me, willing to listen, challenge, and for us to realize we’re rally not that different
– being up front for so much in the church every week, it’s so nice to not be up front
– i got my More Than Dodgeball shirt from Josh Griffin for being an official NYMC blogger. tell your friends. seriously

tonight Tony Dungy was our keynote speaker, and he really brought it. even for me not being a sports guy, his talk really resonated with me about having a coaching role in a kid’s life. one of my favorite quotes was, “in football you try to build your team by seeing what you can get; we (the Church) are unique in that we try to build our team by seeing what we can give.”

late night highlights
– sitting in on the live SYM podcast
– Shanghai Mama’s. it was really great chinese food, not a seedy brothel
– learning secret New Testament history from a dude on the street who looked eerily like Dave Chappel. it was really creepy. a large portion of the conversation will not be posted due to the family-friendly nature of this blog

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  1. Micah
    February 23, 2008 at 1:42 pm

    I definately recommend reading Tony Dungee’s book, Quiet Strength. I listened to the audiobook version from Audible.com, which is narrated by Tony Dungee. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in quite some while.

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