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nymc :: sun. evening

some thoughts on our last full day of the conference:

– the deeper learning tracks were a great part of this for me. spending 8 hours with 120 other middle school workers was amazing. our last hour was spent in round table discussions with the four leaders, and a great way to end our time together
– got to spend a good deal of time talking with Scott Rubin, middle school pastor at Willow Creek Church. he’s the real deal. “your formal teaching time is only a fraction of your teaching.”
– “we must be fed or we can’t feed others.” ~Gary Hunt
– tonight i heard about Austin Gutwein. this 13 year old started hoops of hope, a free throw shoot-a-thon, when he was 10. he started it after hearing about HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa and wanted to do something about it. since it started he’s raised over $300,000 and with that money built a high school, a medical clinic, and field medical kits. this year the money will build another clinic. this kid is literally changing the world and people’s lives. dang.

Greg Stier as the keynote tonight. he’s the kind of guy that when he’s done speaking you’re ready to charge the gates of hell with a water pistol.
– “if we want to be like Jesus, we’re going to have to initiate challenging conversations”
– how well am i listening to what my students believe?
– “we have to get kids to share what they believe & think and then take it back to the Word of God”
– am I teaching with practical relevance?

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