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who’s in your circle

there’s a cell phone company that gives you the option to have a circle of friends that you can call, free of minutes. honestly, i don’t remember which it is (when it comes to cell phones, i’m really only concerned with the hope of one day getting an iPhone). everyone has a circle of influence – those people that are close enough to you, and you to them, that your lives and actions have an impact on each other. most of us actually have a larger circle of influence than we think – from your spouse or roommate to the waitress at the breakfast shop that knows your order as “the regular”.

but we all have an even tighter circle that that of general influence; the people that you really share life with. your husband or wife, your best friend, the coworker you actually really like, your small group/Bible study, ministry team, etc. even Jesus had these circles. He ministered to the crowds, but he also had a smaller group of 12 were there was an amazing amount of influence on their lives. within that, he has a special three (they probably had their own ringtone in JC’s phone).

do you know who is in your circles? who are you letting influence you? whoa re you influencing? do you need to do some housecleaning in your circle? should i end this post off with a question?

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