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There’s no growth without change, and no change without pain. I don’t remember who I heard first way that, so I’ll take credit. Thank you.

Every time I’ve experienced growth personally it has involved a change of some sort, and here’s the deal – change is hard. Yeah there’s good change, but just changing and getting out of what’s normal can be an arduous task. We like what we’re used to, even if it’s crap compared to what lies ahead. I’m reading through Numbers right now, and I’m amazed at 1) how often the people following Moses forget what God has done and 2) how soon after God does something they forget. Sometimes it’s literally “the next day”! They faced some very real hardships (you try walking around the desert for years, bro), but God was always with them. Then throw in that they were still the generation liberated from Egypt, and so many wanted to go back. What the heck!?

Our church is going through a big transition right no, seeing our pastor appointed to a new district and being appointed a new pastor. I met him for the first time last night; I like him. While I’m confident that God knew what was up in this change, and how good I believe it will be, there’s going to be change, and some of it difficult for sure. I’m believing that this change will indeed lead to growth – of the church being the church. People need Jesus. Our new pastor is passionate about seeing that happen. Let’s do it.

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