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how do you take it?

it began with a questions from Carlos @ Ragamuffin Soul. so i will answer AND pass it on.

coffee. how do you take it? me:

regular coffee:
black, brewed in a press pot or a melitta. my current favorites are Tanzanian Teaberry and Mocha Java. Jamaican Blue Mountain is hands down the best I’ve ever had, but is ridiculously expensive here.

flavored coffee:
with a little sugar to bring out the flavor, but still brewed in a press pot. the only time our drip coffee make sees any action is for a big party. however, if i could find a gallon sized press pot, it would be on my counter.

don’t make it @ home, yet i yearn for a legit espresso machine. my drink of choice is either an iced americano or a breve mocha. what’s breve mean? it uses half-and-half instead of regular milk. i believe that can be followed up with a boo-yah.

how do you take it?

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