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i’ve read two posts this past week in regards to homosexuality and Christian faith. they weren’t the turn or burn type articles; rather, they looked at the consequence of our reactions to these situations. i consider myself a pretty theologically orthodox guy – where the Bible speaks to an issue, that is God’s word about it and needs to be clung to relentlessly. where the Bible is silent on issues, we have liberty.

but what happens when there are real life, tough actions and consequences to following God’s word? for example, i believe that what the Bible classifies as sin is indeed repulsive to God and should be addressed. i’m starting to wonder how much the Church and we as individuals are really prepared to deal with the aftermath. the man who has accrued a good deal of wealth through dishonest business – are we prepared to help him and his family deal with a change of lifestyle? or take this story about a homosexual couple with a child – how do you deal with that?

these are real issues, and if we only expose issues and fall silent in helping those in need, we’ve fallen short. it’s easy to call someone out – it’s harder to deal with the fallout.

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