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i’ve known about Twitter for some months now. honestly i always saw it as something kind of cool, but not really sure if it was something i really cared about doing and maintaining. but like all free things, i finally broke down and gave it a try, because well 1) it’s still interesting to me 2) i know a good handful of folks doing it that i like 3) it’s free. so i’m on a Twitter trial.

so far i like it. within 15 minuets of signing up ad posting one thing, i had two friends following me. kind of cool, kind of creepy, but i’ll roll with it. the tough thing right now will be me figuring out the balance between Twittering and blogging. if you want, you can follow me, too.

anyone else doing this?

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  1. May 12, 2008 at 4:56 pm

    i went to a conference recently on new media and they talked about twitter. and my boss went to another show that was basically ALL twitter. it’s totally taking over and changing the way people recieve information. if we thought news spread fast before, twitter makes things light speed. i’m not doing it tho (yet) because i think it’s kind of weird.

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