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a fresh start

i took some more time off from blogging last week than i normally try to. one – because i’m digging the whole Twitter thing, and trying to find the balance between the two, and two – it was a crazy week last week. as part of our anniversary, Bethany’s birthday, and a still unused Christmas present, we took a few days to go here. it was the first time in a good while that we’ve gotten away from the normal say to day, and it was much needed.

on top of a regular Sabbath, i think it’s important to really get away and disconnect. i thought of it as if my regular life was a whiteboard. you write and write and fill it up. your Sabbath comes and you take the eraser to it. but have you ever noticed that there’s always some grime left from those markers? it doesn’t get fully clean. so ever though you fill it and wipe it off, the dirt still builds up. finally you just have to take some cleaner to it and wash it – it’s truly wiped clean. that’s what getting away did for me. i came home with a new feeling of refreshment that was deeply needed.

when’s that last time you really got away and were refreshed?

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