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running…well, jogging

last week, bethany and i decided it was time to do something for our health in the way of exercise. it’s just time. maybe it’s watching the Biggest Loser. maybe it’s all the different blog people that are doing weight loss challenges. who knows. all i know is that anything is more than i’m doing right now…which is nothing.

today was day #3 of jogging. we’ve been going literally around the block. doesn’t seem like much, but i can see that little bit of progress after just 3 days. i know that if this is going to succeed, it’s going to happen little by little – even though i want it to happen all at once. it’s that whole patience & perseverance thing again. makes me thing of this:

Exodus 23:29-30
I will not drive them out from before you in one year, lest the land become desolate and the wild beasts multiply against you. Little by little I will drive them out from before you, until you have increased and possess the land.

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  1. June 6, 2008 at 1:09 am

    You won’t regret this. You’re going to feel so much better.

    Also, just a suggestion, push yourself once a week to reach a new distance. You’re body naturally tunes itself to handle exactly what’s thrown its way and no more. That’s why you don’t see jacked construction workers. They’re strong, but they don’t look like Strongmen. They’re bodies have learned exactly what their daily workload is and have adapted. So, it’s good to push yourself outside your box every now and then. In lifting, you’ll max out. In running, you can try to sprint or go a longer distance to mix things up. Keep your body guessing.

    Anyway, I’m excited to hear about your progress.

  2. June 6, 2008 at 7:44 am

    we actually just kicked it up today to 2 blocks. it’s a good thing. thanks for the info.

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