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quoting [Tom Morello]

Q: What would you say to a guitarist who feels like his tone is stuck in a rut?
A: We’ll I’ll tell you what I did when I encountered that problem – I gave up. For years, I tried to find this perfect tone I had in my head. Then, one day, I spent a few hours fiddling with my gear, and I decided that I didn’t particularly love the tone, but it wasn’t going to get any better. So I marked those settings and said, “Now I’m done. This is my sound.” And those settings are the same ones that I used in today’s rehearsal – as well as on every record and every show I’ve ever played. When I stopped worrying so much about tone, and started worrying about music, the problem went away.

i read this in an old issue of Guitar Player magazine recently. i’ve always loved tom’s playing, in both Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave. there’s so much much depth to this thought for me, both musically and spiritually. do you remeber what your big picture is, or are you buried in the details?

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