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Peru::day two

dang. i’m tired. my back hurts. i have blisters. i want to go to bed early. i feel like an old person.

we hit the ground running today; it’s a good thing we had some down time yesterday to rest up from the day of traveling to get here. i got to start with leading worship on the beach this morning – awesome. then it was off to construction projects. Bethany helped dig a ditch, which she did with excellence. good to know in case we need any ditches at home. Aden and i got to do the demo work. 85 linear feet of brick & concrete wall came crashing down. yes, this trip is about breaking down walls. hollar. i kind of wonder if we could have saved ourselves seom work with that whole biblical thing of seven times and trumpets and such.

we also had our first day of vacation bible school with a local neighborhood. 50+ kids, dancing, actually good drama, songs, crafts, and a short message = a great time. we’re also going bacm to the same area tomorrow, which will be great to see those particulat kids again. a few of our groups members also went to a local orphanage to help give TB tests to all the kids. not a popular job, but really important.

there it is. day two. i’m enhausted. bethany is already in bed. i’ve become the point person for organizing the ChildReach blog in addition to my own, so as soon as the folks from our trip are done with their updates, i’m off ot bed, too!

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  1. Karen & Rob Fisher
    August 12, 2008 at 10:18 am

    Love keeping up with your daily progress!
    I can sense that as much as you are giving to the Peruvians, you are getting back in return!
    We pray for strength, health and safety for the team, and wonderful things for Hannah’s home and Hannah’s hope!

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