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quoting [Reese Roper]

Do you have an opinion on the Christian market today?

Yeah, it would be to say that it is just as insular and backstabbing as it ever was, but somehow more appealing. There are a few bands out there that do a great job at spreading the love of Christ to the world (Switchfoot, you guys know I love you!), a few more who equip and encourage the church, and a great mass of musical hatchet-jobs that could never survive anywhere else but for the appeal of the forgiving and under-schooled ears of the Western Church. They only exist to add padding to our already comfortable church pews…

preach it Reese. as a musician, it’s irritated me for a long time that for centuries the Church lead the way in the arts. now, it’s hard to find anything in the creative arts labeled ‘Christian’ that is anything more than a cheap, watered down knock-off of something popular in the secular vein.

you may know him as the frontman from Five Iron Frenzy (RIP). check the whole article on Relevant here.

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