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time to tidy up online

I decided back around Christmas break that the way I was ‘doing’ my online presence was a bit broken; broken in the sense that I was trying to utilize all of these different outlets (wordpress, facebook, twitter, tumblr, vimeo, flickr, picasa, posterous, etc) not so much because I had uses for them, but because I wanted to use them. Tools without a purpose, pretty much. It was really just a waste, for there is no real need to reiterate the thinks I think to every outlet – it gets redundant and has a scattered focus. So I’m trying to change that…at least for now.

This blog is going to become more of my ministry-based thoughts & happenings. If you want the whole overview experience of Karl, head to flavors.me/karlfisher, which is becoming my new landing page. From there you can pick up:
_this blog – ministry
_tumblr – my personal blog
_vimeo – for my video happenings
_and my personal favorite, my daugher’s 365 project. I’ve been taking a picture of here every day from day 1. It’s pretty stellar

So update as you need or want to. I’m just really feeling the need for both more margin & more specificity in life, especially online. We’ll see if it works.

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